Maine Holiday Hunt- member instructions

Maine Holiday Hunt

The Maineteam is going to have a contest and sale from Dec. 1st through Dec. 5th!

Here are the official instructions! If you have any questions, please contact Ida: adroitjewelers{at}

How it will work:

You will use the provided picture of a black bear here (download it to your computer). Upload the bear image as the 2nd picture of any one item on the first 2 pages of your shop. Email the link of this listing to Ida at adroitjewelers{at} so that Ida can make the master list of the location of all bears in hiding. **If your item sells during the hunt, please move your bear to another location and email Ida ASAP**

The idea is to get all of the contestants to 'hunt' through our shops and look at our items.

Contestants will hunt through our shops and find the listings with the bears. Then they will send the list of each correct item link to a designated person. --So if there are 20 shops hiding bears, the contestant will have to submit 20 links/item numbers.-- Each evening we will draw a winner (or winner depending on the amount of prizes). Players will be allowed to enter one time each day. Ida will send the name of the winner to the person who is offering the prize and they can ship it out.

If you are donating a prize, it should be for an item that is not listed (unless you have multiples of it). If you want to offer a prize you must email an image and short description of the item to Ida by November 23rd adroitjewelers{at}

Each day of our hunt/sale a thread will be started in the promos section. Everyone on the team will bump this thread as they can throughout the day to get maximum exposure. During this time you can hold whatever type of sale in your shop that you would like to do, but you do not have to hold a sale. It is just a way to attract more attention to your shop. We will have avatars made up that you can use during this time to let shoppers know the Maine Team is having a hunt/sale.


We need everyone who is interested in participating to let Ida know by Sunday, November 23rd with a link to the item wear the bear will be hiding. Please email adroitjewelers{at} with the subject Maineholiday.

* Add the Maineteam holiday hunt/sale info to your blog.
* Spread the word about the hunt/sale outside of Etsy.

If you have trouble with the image above, you can download it here: