The Top 10 Reasons to Holiday Shop from Etsy Maine Team

OK, admit it. You know someone, maybe even someone very close to you, who doesn't buy from Etsy, or even handmade for that matter. I certainly do. Someone who wildly wastes their hard earned money on...well..just plain old stuff. Shiny, flimsy plastic stuff. 'Mass produced in foreign lands' stuff. 'Will unravel in a week' stuff. You see my point, right?

What does it take to convert these hapless collectors and buyers of mass marketed, big store stuff? What does it take to convince friends and family to buy handmade, buy local, and support the handmade movement?

I have compiled a 10 point list to help you all, or even the folks who are sitting here reading this wondering if they fit the persona described, make your argument to buy handmade...BUY from Etsy Maine Team this holiday season!
TOP 10 Reasons to BUY Etsy Maine Team!

1. Get the warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you have nurtured and affirmed a fellow Mainer's passion and craft. Above is a Santa from Saint Nicholas Too.
2. Your toy purchase will be free of phthalates, lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals. Meet the robot family from P's and Q's!

3. Your purchase will support Maine's small businesses, the back bone for Maine's employment.

4. Find something for everyone on your list. You can always find that unique gift for the difficult recipient. Who could say no to these cheery bird ornaments from Mosey Handmade.

5. Your purchase will be high quality, made with love, and just possibly heirloom worthy. Lovely, hand forged sterling rings from Autumn Equinox.
6. If you wish to be green, you'll find loads of options. Oh, the sweet smell of summer in this handmade soap from Pudleduk Soap Company.

7. You'll know exactly where your purchase originated.

8. Give the gift of ORIGINAL art from a Maine artist! Above is a collage from artist Jennifer Judd-McGee.

9. Save a tank of gas.

10. And, lastly, shop from the comfort of your own home. Do all of your holiday shopping wearing your slippers and cozy pajamas while sipping a steamy mug of cocoa. Avoid the lines, the crowds, and the traffic. Have a terrific holiday shopping experience!