Holiday Cards!

The holiday season is here. Really. Look at your calendar if you doubt my words. If you are like many others, your usual focus on the approaching season was redirected: elections, economy, fluctuating oil prices, pumpkin spiced donuts (well, that's my own personal favorite distraction). However, we can not reverse time, so here comes the fruit cake, eggnog, dreidels, and yule logs.

One super easy, "get in the holiday groove" happy task is the tradition of card writing and sending. Pick an afternoon, pull out the ol' address book and your very best pen and personalize some merry cards to your loved ones. Multiply that happy feeling by purchasing your holiday cards from LOCAL Mainers!

These delightful snowmen from PumpkinSeedMama are not cards, but tags. What a fun alternative to the basic card! Add a ribbon, a personalized message, pop the tag into an envelope, and Voila!

Original collage from a young Maine artist! This funky card set includes a handcrafted card and two ornaments from the mother daughter team of KBCrafts.

Celebrate Maine's white winters by sharing the frozen joy with friends and family in warmer climates with this snowman card set from OlioDesigns.

We ALL have a friend or two who would LOVE this card on so many different levels! LoveDogCardCompany has several cards with this vibe! For all you do-it-yourself-ers and vintage lovers out there, these Santa postcard reproductions from VintageImageMadness are the perfect item for your card making event!

And last but certainly not least, the spokesperson ~ahem~ spokesmonkey for the handmade movement, the sock monkey. For your niece, nephew, or boss, this sock monkey card from the aptly named Sock Monkey Cards will bring a smile to any face!