treasury to team

The etsy Maine Team is officially turning three months old and with HRMB as our “Artist of the Month”, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about how the team grew so rapidly from a treasury network and an HRMB handbag.

Way back in February 2008, I posted a treasury featuring all local Maine artists. On that treasury Her Royal Majesty Bags (HRMB) left me a very nice comment. I am a handbag fanatic so I decided to check out her etsy shop. Upon doing so, I recognized the style of bag as possibly one I own. However, I had lost the handbag tag and over the last year been scratching my head as to who made it.

So, I convo-ed HRMB a photo of this handbag and details about where I bought it and low & behold it was an HRMB handmade handbag! Kind of like six degrees of Maine etsy artists, pretty cool. Here is a photo of the infamous HRMB handbag:
From that HRMB convo came HRMB’s first etsy discussion thread calling out to Maine artists. Becky (dirtgirlpottery) volunteered for team leader, we then had our first team meeting in Mar08 and from there blossomed into the great team we are now.

We’ve done a lot of stuff in the short span of three months. Can’t wait to see what our 6-month anniversary brings! I just want to give a shout out to all the wonderful Maine Team volunteers and say “thanks.”