Meet Your Neighbor - Jodie (aka Jessejanes & Fuzzybunnyknits)

Our third installment of Etsy Maine Team's "Meet Your Neighbor" is an interview with Jodie from JesseJanes & Fuzzybunnyknits (yes, she is both people-- don't even ask us how many other names she goes by!). Jodie will also be our guest moderator at our upcoming Virtual Labs meeting on Monday June 9th at 6:30pm in the Team Room (for Maine Team members only), we will be discussing Marketing of our Etsy shops.

What is your shop name & URL, real name, and what do you sell?
Hi! I'm Jodie and I actually have 2 shops, Fuzzy Bunny Knits & Jesse Janes. The knitting shop obviously sells knitted items. I offer fuzzy, warm, fabulous hand knits like scarves, neckwarmers, fingerless gloves and more. I also design knitted bags, so I offer PDF, downloadable patterns for sale in my Fuzzy Bunny Knits shop as well. With summer fast approaching I have also included a simple and easy knit pattern for a corset-laced halter top. At Jesse Janes, I create unique Mahogany Scrabble Tile Pendants. They are great to wear with your favorite chain, or other chains options are sold in the shop as well. I love this little scrabble tiles! They remind me of fun and childhood. I love playing games and what better reminder of that fun that wearing a scrabble tile as a necklace? Each comes with a high gloss glazing process over designer papaers such as Japanese chiyogami or washi, Italian designs or my favorite- fun, fabulous & funky!

Where do you live? Tell us a about your town.
I live just outside Portland, ME in the town of Buxton. If you've ever watched the movie Shawshank Redemption, you will have heard of Buxton! I love living here. I have a huge yard and I have wonderful neighbors. There are lots of farms and fields and it's beautiful to drive around on a Sunday afternoon.

Tell us about your family & pets.
My family lives a little bit south of here, in Wells. They're great! I have three brothers as well with nieces and nephews. The littlest one is just 7 months old. His name is Harrison and he is so cute! My boyfriend lives in California and we plan to be moving together to the Northwest within the next year. 3000 miles apart is hard on a relationship, though we've managed for 6 years! We find that Tivo and Netflix give us an opportunity to have something we can share time together watching our favorite shows and movies. It's 'date night' by phone a lot of the time. We're both looking forward to moving so we can be together full time finally. Airfare is getting expensive!

How long have you been making your craft & what got you into it?
I have been knitting since I was 10 years old and I have had my own craft business just as long. I sold my own creations at craft shows I attended with my grandmother from the time I was 11. So, you can say I've always been creating to sell. If it wasn't knitting it was floral design, sewing, quilting, etc. Knitting is something I love to do and will always keep my hands in it. I recently began the scrabble tile pendant designing a little over a month ago. It's so much fun and highly creative for me. I am loving every minute of it! I have been so busy with it right out of the gate. I even have wholesale accounts already and am looking for more. My sister-in-law will be my new sales rep, traveling to gift shops across Maine and New Hampshire to start. I'm so excited!

Do you feel like your craft is related to where you live?
My knits certainly relate to Maine winters. It's very cold here for so many months, that I am naturally drawn to wanting to keep people warm.

Tell us about the awesome craftspeople that you've met around Maine-- have you collaborated or met with any Maine Team members?
I have been involved with the Etsy Maine Team since its inception. I am a co-admin for the Maine Team blog as well as contributor and am the co-chair for our Maine Team craft show we will be hosting in the fall. I love the people I have met and am working with! I have opportunities to work with several different team members at shows and events throughout the year- Mainers are awesome people! And I'm not just saying that because I'm a local! Auyh…

What are your plans for the future? (Life and/or craft)
I plan to continue to expand my wholesale line for Jesse Janes. I feel there is a huge opportunity for that business right now. I have created a wholesale catalog and am looking for more advertising opportunities. Fuzzy Bunny Knits is good for now and I will be adding to the shop more come fall and winter months.As for me, like I mentioned before, a move to the Northwest is in my future. I'm not sure of exactly when that is yet, but my boyfriend & I are certainly planning in that direction. I lived for a month in Oregon and loved it! It's very much like Maine, but without the snow! That's my only beef with Maine… I'm just tired of snow…..

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