Team Stuff!!!!!

Happy Thursday to all! This is Becky from Dirt Girl Pottery hoping you all have been enjoying our Maine Team blog. Please support our team by checking it often and consider subscribing to it. This way new entries will go to your e-mail so you won’t forget to check.

In the last team e-mail that Jennifer (allsey) sent out, you hopefully read about our new private forums, set up by Caroline (sixhours, calobee). If you can’t check the forums right away, if just means that Caroline is confirming your Maine Team membership. When you are all set up, consider adding your website url or etsy shop url to your profile. This way other team members can go to your sites quickly and check out your stuff! This will make networking that much easier. Please spend a few minutes a week reading any new entries in the forums. We spent a lot of time working on better ways to communicate team news with you all. The Etsy forum thread is fun, but not many team members feel comfortable "out there" in that arena.

The next official team meeting will be in June, town, time and place announced at a later date. On our team etsy forum thread, Jamie (jamieribisi) has been so helpful encouraging members to host a meeting, whether it be at your residence, a restaurant, or other form of meeting space. We had a meeting set up for May, but next month is not the best time for the team leaders, so we are delaying until June. But, many members would still like to meet on a more impromptu, informal setting. The whole point of the team is to network with other Maine crafters, and I personally say, meet anytime and anywhere you want. You could host a crafting night at your house and invite Maine team members to it, or maybe you want to meet people at a coffee shop and discuss etsy and ask for critiques. Please don’t feel like you have to wait for a team driven meeting with an agenda to network on your own.
Bye for now! Enjoy this beautiful spring weather!