Whose Got Blog?

The lazy, hazy days have summer are on their way out. Once I see the yellow buses cruising the roads to pick up kids for school I know most peoples lives will be put into overdrive and time will be at a minimum. The scoop is how to use what little promotion time in a way that is smart. I have found that using my blog is a smart way to promote my work, connect with others and bring people into my esty shop. Its true! I have had some customers tell me they found my etsy shop through my blog.

I find that blogging only about me can be a bit of drag though. I am exciting but only to a certain point. A good way to make blogging more interesting to me and to others is to feature other artisans. It doesn't have to be long or an in depth writeup either. I used to feature others more often then I do. It made me blog more. It brought my blog up higher in the google search engines too!

For the month of September, and hopefully for the at least the rest of the year, it would be neat to have Maine Team members feature other Maine Team members on their blog.

How would this work?

1. If your shop name begins with a B choose a shop whose name begins with the opposite end of the alphabit. This way we all won't start at the beginning or end of the list
2. At a loss at what to write? Read the profile of your chosen seller and alter to suit. Have a standard set of questions like etsy does for its featured seller on the front page. The "featured" gets to fill in the blanks and all the blogger does is edit and post with pictures from the shop.
3. Shoot for at least 2 features a week. Once you have done one come back and comment so others can go read and comment.

Leaving comments is key! Good luck, happy featuring and don't forget to come back here and tell us who you featured!