Make an Ornament for the Center for Maine Craft

Hi team members! I'm passing along an email I received from the Center for Maine Craft (Maine Crafts Association). This is an excellent opportunity to display your craft in the form of a holiday ornament, don't miss it! The deadline to submit your ornament is SEPTEMBER 30, 2008

Here's the whole MCA email with all the rest of the details:
"""19 August 2008 Greetings! When the Center for Maine Craft opens on the turnpike in November this year, the first exhibition in the Special Exhibitions area of the Center will be Deck the Halls: Limited Edition Holiday Ornaments by MCA Members. We want YOUR special hand-crafted, limited edition ornaments, so please apply!

Ornaments may be made of any material, but must demonstrate originality, technical skill, and fine design. The ornaments you produce for this exhibition must be exclusively designed for this event. Each ornament must be marked, signed, or have an attached label which identifies its creator and edition number (1/25, 3/8, etc). Ornaments must come ready to hang, boxed for sale. Editions of from 5 to 50 pieces will be accepted. Ornament retail prices may range from $8 to $250 each. MCA will split sales of the ornaments with 60% going to the exhibiting artists.

To apply for this exhibition, please send a brief description and drawing, or a sample ornament, to:
Lynn Thompson
PO Box 376
Boothbay ME 04537 or

Your description must include the following:
- materials from which the ornament will be made
- form or shape in which the ornament will be made or image to be depicted
- approximate dimensions of the ornament
- number of ornaments in the edition
- proposed retail price of the ornament
- material to be used to hang the ornament
- type of packaging to be used for the ornament, including any ribbons or stickers to be applied or cards to be enclosed.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2008

For questions or more information, contact Lynn at 449-1362 or
If you make ornaments as part of your regular work and do not want to produce a special limited edition that will be exclusive to MCA, you may still contact Center General Manager Chris Krauss at 645.2241 or to offer your ornaments on a wholesale basis for representation in the gallery.

The official turnpike plaza opening will be held November 19. However, MCA will also host a special gala opening of the Center for Maine Craft where the limited edition ornaments will shine! Watch for the date and time to be announced by the end of September.

Following the Center's opening holiday season, we will inaugurate the 2009 exhibition season with a show of work in all mediums from long-time MCA members, those whose memberships date back from 15 to 25 years. Keep an eye out for announcements of the January 2009 gala opening for this special long-time member celebration!

Exhibitions will revolve throughout the year with shows from member organizations and special member-wide events. Summer 2009 will feature Remember ME, an exhibition of artist-created souvenirs of Maine. Put on your thinking cap now to start work on that one! """

Also visit MCA's website for more info at