etsy maine team ideas

There are so many wonderful team ideas floating about and I'm sure a bizillion more have resulted from the team meeting last Sat June 14th, so I thought I would try to summarize what I've seen recently posted in the Maine Team forum and also post some links to a few of etsy's FREE resources to help promote your etsy shop and spark some more ideas:


Button Downloads:
Many of our team members have been actively using these especially when one of their items gets featured on the home page treasury or you have your own website to place these etsy buttons.

If your shop banner is getting stale, check out etsy’s “bannerator” to create a new one in seconds:

Customized Banners
We have two fantastic team members that will create your very own customized banner for a minimal fee, check out:
SoBenArts and Calobee.

Keep your shop intro fresh. Make sure you change up your shop introduction text frequently so visitors are greeted with new thoughts about your shop.

Try etsy's MOO cards or check out VistaPrint for very affordable business cards.


Home of the Sampler: Check out The Sampler website for some team promotional ideas. Roxy from RoxyJewelry has mentioned this " team sampler" idea at past meets and it's a great way to promote all of us as a team.

Group Show: Coming this fall. Can't wait to hear more details about the group show soon!

Treasuries: Everyone is doing such a fantastic job promoting fellow team members in treasuries, thank you!

Feedback: If you make a purchase from a fellow Maine team member, make sure to mention that they're a fellow team member when you leave feedback and add our team web address: or that we can be found by searching by maineteam on

maineteam tag: Don't forget to add the maineteam tag to your items so you show up in maineteam tag searches. At last check, there's 1,642 items posted by Maine Team members with the "maineteam" tag. Go Team!

If you haven’t already, please visit the etsy Teams home page for a plethora of individual and team promotional info:

When you visit, make sure to join the etsy team email list. You'll receive emails about what all etsy teams are up to and the latest ideas for team promotions. There is a multitude of excellent resources including team workshops and team guides. Visiting these resources will also give you a closer glimpse into what all your hardworking teammates are busy working on for the team.

Also, check out other team blogs to see what they've cooked up and are successful at:

This is a full page of very helpful marketing & business links listed at etsy:

Keep the ideas flowing everyone! We're growing stronger and stronger as a team! Feel free to post more ideas here on the blog. Thanks!