Etsy Augusta Meetup - June 14th

This past Saturday, the Maine Team met at The Great Wall restaurant in Augusta for a very successful and productive afternoon! We had a fun Show & Tell which helped me immensely in remembering who was who and what they sold (still trying to remember some real names!) The craftsmanship of all the items displayed was second to none and it gave us an enticing glimpse into what our Maine Team artisan fair in September will have to offer! I can not wait to buy all of my Christmas presents from my fellow team members!

We discussed the artisan fair at some length and we will have a full report on that coming soon. If you'd like some more information or if you'd like to find out how you can volunteer to help, please contact Jessejanes or dirtgirlpottery for more info.

I wish I had more time to take group photos but I was having such a blast that I just didn't have the time! We'll have to line up next time for a great shot. I did get some individual images of members that I'll be using for their interviews so I'm holding back on those for now. I did get many of Petalsandwings beautiful daughter, Josie. You can't sit a darling kid like this in front of me and not have her be my muse for the day! She's such a funny kid and very friendly for a 4 year old! She asked me to take this very important picture of her treasure-- an orange seed. She's crafty! If Kelsey(whimsidoodle's daughter) was any closer to me then you would only be looking at pictures of the two of them right now :)