maine is so fly

Black flies that is! If anyone knows of a homemade remedy to keep these little bloodsuckers away, let me know! I’m definitely doing my part to feed the black fly population this month and our state bird, the mosquito.

Anyhow, since I’m seeing mostly black & red the last few days (ouch! ouch! ouch!), I thought I would spotlight some very “fly” red and black maine handmade items. Featured from left to right are: KellieJSK ($15), crownofstorms ($8), Nature Mandalas ($4), Smiling Frogs ($4), One Keene Kat ($3.99), standing flower ($60), agapeluv ($3.90) and adroitjewelers ($15).*welcome to the team agapeluv, adroitjewelers & crownofstorms!
*congrats standing flower!