Teacher Appreciation Week 5/5 - 5/9

Hi all! Jennifer here from allsey wondering if you have thanked a teacher lately...possibly with some handmade artistic apples? Well, there is a whole week devoted to thanking teachers coming up next week. National Teacher Day is 5/6/08. Speaking of apples, I ran across one Maine Team member's renditions and wanted to showcase them as part of National Teacher Appreciation Week. These three works are from Cobalt Sky Studio (http://www.cobaltskystudio.etsy.com/):

I also have to feature just one more from Cobalt Sky Studios (not apple related, but just as wonderful):

For more information about National Teacher Appreciation Week, visit the NEA website at http://www.nea.org/teacherday/index.html

*(Make sure to thank our Maine team leader Becky - she's a teacher! Thanks Becky!)*