Monday, Monday... isn't that a song?

What a great turn out we had at the Great Wall Buffet in Augusta on Saturday for our 2nd team meeting! It was wonderful meeting new people and seeing faces I recognized from the first meet.

We discussed several new ventures and had some good brainstorming about the blog. The results? Well... you're going to see a lot more activity here on a regular basis!! We have new contributors joining the blog team.

You'll be 'seeing' each of us on a weekly basis here in the blog:
Monday: 'me' - Jodie of Fuzzy Bunny Knits
Tuesday: Robyn of Sirkus
Wednesday: Jennifer of Allsey
Thursday: need another contributor for this day **
Friday: Caroline of Calobee

Also, Roxy of Roxy's Jewelry will be our new content person keeping us posted and up to date on upcoming craft shows. If you know of any craft shows in the New England area, please contact us and Roxy will add the info to the blog.

What can you expect to see in the upcoming weeks and months here at the Etsy Maine Team blog? Well, we're going to be featuring interviews, theme parties, featured Maine crafters, suppliers and vintage sellers. Please remember to check in regularly... sign up for our RSS feed too!

I'll get us started with a few Maine features: