Product Spotlight - Set of 3 Eco Friendly Cotton Swiffer Covers By Hand Knitted 4 You

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Three cotton eco friendly swiffer covers, crocheted with 100% cotton yarn. You will receive 3 covers, 1 solid in lavender  1 varigated with white, purple, blue and green and 1 varigated with shades of purple and teal. PLEASE ALLOW 1 - 3 DAYS FOR COMPLETION. 

Each cover measures approximately 5.25 inches(13.5cm) wide and 11 inches(28cm) long. 

Are you wondering, do these really work? Have you ever looked at the bottom of your socks after walking across a dirty floor in amazement at what your socks picked up? The swiffer covers work the same way! (and your socks stay cleaner)