Meet Your Neighbor - Bunny Baubles & Bunny Beads

Who are you?
I'm The Bunny! Also known as Drea Carbone, and I have two shops on Etsy: BunnyBeads and BunnyBaubles. I sell beaded jewelry in my BunnyBeads shop (it's actually that's a mix of earthiness and glitz...a lot of natural stones and vintage metals mixed with sparkling crystals. BunnyBaubles is my shop for hair accessories, loaded up with super-colorful vintage plastics. It's a bright and happy shop that's funky and fun.

Tell us a little about your family.
The Family
I grew up a part of a huge Italian family. We're all very close and most of us grew up in the same neighborhood...the same street, even! Now I'm married and have moved away but come home often, there's always a birthday or holiday to celebrate! I also have three pets who are my babies...Jack, my four-year-old black lab-pitbull mix; George, my mini rex rabbit; and Zachary, my little purple betta fish.

Where are you in Maine and what’s it like?
Are you a native Mainer? If so, what’s kept you. If not, what brought you here?
Big Family, Shared Birthday Cakes
I combined my answers for these questions...Tragically, I'm no longer in's not by choice, however. I lived in Brunswick while my husband was stationed at the Naval Air Station, and when the base closed we were sent to Jacksonville, FL, and now we are off to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Such is the life of a Navy wife, we are always packing up and moving. But there's no place like home, and home to me is Maine.
I grew up in Bradford, Massachusetts. It's like Brunswick, but not as awesome. Living in Brunswick I was so happy...there is a great small-town feeling there, locally-owned businesses all over Maine Street downtown and no one ignores you when you say "hello!" in passing. Close to the ocean, the mountains, a couple big cities and several secluded retreats...Brunswick was perfect.
At my first opportunity, I am coming straight back up I-95 (then to 295, and rt 24...) and HOME to MAINE!

How long have you been making your craft and what got you into it?
When I was a little girl I would make beaded bobby pins thanks to a Klutz book and kit I received as a gift. I would sit for hours and hours making seed bead daisy chains and dragonflies that matched my school uniforms. In high school I made and sold them to friends to wear to proms. Later, after I got married and moved to Maine, I worked at The Beadin' Path in Freeport. I learned so much more and got into jewelry-making thanks to that job. Now it's a great hobby I can take almost anywhere.

Do you feel your craft is related to where you live?
Most definitely. After leaving Maine to live in hot and humid Florida I took a very long break from creativity. Florida was so draining for me, whereas Maine was always an inspiration. Now I am about to move to Maryland, and living so close to Washington, DC is bound to give my imagination a jump-start. I've missed having seasons and being outside!

How has being a part of the Etsy Maine Team helped you?
Mallory Shortie Bobbies
I am the Maine Team's biggest fan!! I have made some amazing friends, gotten a lot of help thanks to critiques on my products, shops, blogs,'s such a wonderful environment full of wonderful people. Without this team I would be so lost in Etsyland. There are several Maine Team members I talk to every single day, we've become such close friends. I'm so, SO happy to have found this team!

What are some of your favorite shops on Etsy?
Bria Necklace
Oh goodness...I have a bunch...bear with me!!!
From the Maine Team:
Lisa makes the most amazing jewelry designs in PMC at
Bonnie has the craziest, funniest stuff! Chess sets and zombies and Einstein ornaments! Love it!
I love Casie's magnets, I have a bunch of sets on my fridge
Kristin is one one of the most creative jewelry designers I know...and she is a great baker to boot!
Peggy has a few shops, and I have something from each...aprons, fingerless gloves, coasters, her work! It's always impeccable
I love Lauren's maps and aesthetic. She has some beautiful artwork here
Jamie is another favorite artist, I love her oil paintings and she taught me how to paint with encaustics. Loved her homemade wax paints as well!
Someday I will own a pair of these sneakers...way too cool.
I am always amazed by Becky's intricate weaving...incredible!
Jen has some of my favorite jewelry out there...I have a gorgeous cocktail ring she made from a vintage button, I am obssessed with it and wear it constantly.
Lynn is such a wonderful person and I think it shows in her paintings. I bought a print of one of them for my parents, which now hangs in my mom's kitchen...I love seeing it and thinking of Lynn's smiling face.
Do you want amazing skin? GO HERE. Jes makes the best sugar scrubs ever. EVER!
I have several photograph prints from this shop, I get lost in their beauty. I have three Maine landscapes hanging in my studio, they make me homesick!

Hot Lace Pink Barrette
Do I even have room for non-Team members? Yeesh...
One of my favorite Etsians, Bria, makes some super-cool jewelry
I love my puppy! And this shop!
Hungry? Me too.
One of Amy's paintings hangs proudly in my living room. I want a collection of her art, I adore it
Joe is so talented!
Just try to tell me these aren't friggin' adorable. I dare you.

Where do you see yourself and your Etsy shop in the future?
Like I mentioned above, I think living in a new place with give my creativity a kick in the I am hoping to add a lot of new items and two new lines soon. I'd love to get back into submitting to beading magazines and selling in brick-and-mortar shops as well! There are some really cool shops in Alexandria, VA, and National Harbor, MD that I would love to see my jewelry in!

Where can we find you online and locally?
Josephine Earrings
I'm only online right now...come say hello!
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BunnyBlogs (so in need of an update....yikes!):

Thanks Drea for sharing a little about yourself and how the wonderful state you live in helps you create!  
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