Time to VOTE!

Voting has BEGUN!  Votes (or "likes") will be taken up until midnight on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 (EST), so get on over to 4th of July Challenge Album and vote for your favorite that showcases the best 4th of July Spirit!

These are the collaboration entries (made by two team members):
Little Eye Designs
Rough Magic Creations
Mallory Alisabeth

Camelot's Treasures
Pitter Patter Tutus

And here are the individual entries:

Four Winds Farm Maine
Pine Tree Art
ReMaine Wicked
Sally Bateau
Spirit Bear Creations
Camelot's Treasures
Mallory Alisabeth
Magenta Sky Studio
David Hill Photography
Pitter Patter Tutus
 These Maine Team members did an AWESOME job on this challenge!  This is definitely going to be a really close race.  Do you part and vote for your favorite here, so you can have your say who has the best!

Be sure to check out all the awesome Maine artisans on Etsy, by searching "maineteam".