Mother's Day for Mainers

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." - Anonymous

The second Sunday every month of May symbolizes a celebration of the wonderful women in our lives that strengthen our lives through birth, learning, and love: Mothers.  Not always the ones that gave life to us, they are the women that help us become who we are and support us unconditionally.  Throughout the ages of time, people have honored the Mother-figure in their life with special gifts showing their love and appreciation.

I'm no different.  My mom has collected many a macaroni pictures and painted disfigured representations of a portraits through my early years, to hastily chosen cards from the supermarket at the last minute (oops, today was Mother's Day?), to handmade baubles lovingly handpicked for her.  This year I had a custom jewelry piece made for her that featured the birthstones of all of her children, which is something that I had been wanting to get her for a long time.

As a mother now, of a 9 and 4 year old, I am now a collector of fascinating works of art, pottery, and stories.  I was even the focal point of my daughter's story last year, which stated, "I love my mom because she loves to shop, shop, and a sprinkle more of shop."  (I am NOT that much of a shopper...)  But the gift that I value the most from my kids is their hugs and laughter; no other thing is needed.

Here's some other Mother's Day stories from some other Etsy Maine Teamers:

Rain from ReMaine Wicked
My best Mother's day present was last year. We happened to be living in wyoming, at the time and I insisted that all I wanted was to go back to Yellowstone National Park one last time before we moved back east. And I wanted to see a grizzly bear. I got my wish.... 3 different times that day! Also I happened to be 6 months pregnant, with my youngest. It was the best mother's day ever (although when I got my worm farm I was pretty psyched too!) 

Grizzly at Yellowstone

Audrey from Little Eye Designs
In my family, Mother's Day is a completely DIY effort. Because my Mom prefers flowers in the ground we've had lots of success over the years with hand-drawn cards and illustrations. I think her favorite was a hamster I drew for her when I was 8 or 9 years old! Last year I drew tattoo flash with a heart, banners, birds and embellishments with the classic "MOM" written across it. :)

Jenna from Autumn Equinox
My mom always gets something homemade from me. She loves it because she knows I am going to make her a one of a kind piece. A few years ago, I bought plaster casts of each of the animals she had as pets (persian cat, siamese cat) and painted them to match her kitties exactly. Recently both cats passed away due to age and when she called me to let me know, she mentioned she frequently glances at the kitties sitting on her shelf and it makes her feel better.

She has lots of my jewelry too!

Karianne from MOONlit
I would have to say 3 years ago my other half and I found out a week before Mother's Day that we were pregnant so we told my mom and sister but we waited till Mother's Day to tell my gram we all got together and got one card that said "happy mothers day great grammy" she was stoked this was her 1st great grand child...

Megan from Festoonery
When I was in high school I learned to make one of those accordion books, and I made one and put a little poem on each page or drew a picture with pen and ink. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but some really cute scrapbooking ideas could be easily integrated into this.

Accordion Book

Check out all the great handmade items created by artisans in Maine by searching "maineteam" on your next visit to Etsy, regardless if it's for Mother's Day or any day!