Do YOU Social Network?

A couple of weeks ago, in a chat thread that I frequently visit through Etsy, some people were discussing the merits of Twitter.  To be honest, I kind of stayed away from Twitter mainly because I thought it was mostly a waist of time and that it is more for celebrities “gossiping” about their exploits; I had an account but used it more for an entertainment value.  (Michael Ian Black’s tweets can be hilarious, even though they are sometimes crude)  But the group of people in the chat were talking about how many views of their items they were getting, I’m talking serious numbers and I looked back on my shop and realized that I wasn’t getting to much traffic at all.  So I sat down and took another look at twitter, posted a few tweets about my items and BAM! 24 views in 5 minutes!  This amazed me, although later I learned that some of those views were computer-generated, but still I saw the potential of broadening my customer base with regular use of Twitter.

Of course that is only one form of social networking, and in this computer savvy world there are many other outlets that a business can utilize to help market its store and accumulate more sales.  My personal favorite tool is Facebook.  Twitter is great however I don't think I've really generated any sales directly from it. Now Facebook on the other hand has been a real blessing - especially for those people who don't want to sign up for an Etsy account. I've made several sales directly on Facebook, while others' saw a listing I posted on Facebook and then went and bought it on Etsy. And MySpace, well that was just so 2 years ago.  I thought the functioning of MySpace was a bit wonky, and just didn't find it very conducive to business networking.

White Eyelet Wrap Dress
I also try to blog the crap out of myself!   I have my own blog, which I have been trying to keep a scheduled series of awesomeness on there - like tutorials, features, new items, giveaways, etc. I also contribute to other blogs, especially to the team blogs of the Etsy teams I'm on (Homefront Team and Etsy Maine Team). Not so sure if I have made any sales directly from blogging, but I have steadily increased my followers which equates (to me at least) more opportunities for potential sales.
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I am only one person, and I know that many people have different experiences and use other forms of social networking.  So I asked my fellow Etsy Maine Teamers what they do and how it works out for them.

Patchouli And Lavendar Sachet
Winter Solstice Dreams

Social networking has been pivotal in generating traffic on my Etsy page. Most of my sales have come from getting the word out via FaceBook.  I do a lot with Twitter, and having them linked is a great way to save time for more important things like our craft!

I use StumbleUpon weekly in addition to Flickr.  Recently, I have begun to blog daily and I absolutely love it. It has all of my information there and it's a great way to start my day.
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Rough Magic Creations and Prospero’s Bookshelf

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Maine Postcard Day Celebration
For me, blogging is the best. I've always loved to write, as well as read what others are writing, and I've learned my way around blogger. Recently I started a little Tumblr blog too, but haven't had time to devote to it yet.  My hubby Joe, also a Maine Team member, also has a blog which he really enjoys when he has time.

Facebook pages bring us some views, and occasionally a sale or two.

Just recently Joe opened a new page on FB, but it's mostly devoted to his AF studio.

We both tweet from the same account, and twitter brings us the most views. But I fear most of them are from the bot rather than living-breathing humans.  Twitter is my least favorite of the social networking sites, mainly because it moves so fast and, even with Tweetdeck, I have a hard time keeping up. Makes me feel jumpy.

Recently we signed up for basic (free) accounts at, which is supposed to allow us to post to our blogs, twitter and FB from one site, which may prove good in a pinch, but so far we're sticking with working directly on our blogs and using the Tweet and Like options on Etsy.
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Little Eye Designs

I Love You Outhouse
I use Facebook for social networking for my business - by having a diverse interface where I can include links, pictures and make 'friends' I feel like it offers a lot that other sites like Twitter don't have (of course, I tweet, too!)

My blog is the most fun form of social networking because it allows me to track my process, show off my personality and product and keep things organized (on my blog I have an ongoing list of local craft shows - great so I don't forget deadlines!)

My biggest challenge is linking them all up so that they perform without me really having to do anything. Linking up my twitter feed to my blog, my blog posts automatically feeding through Facebook and Twitter, it's all a challenge. But I've just recently signed up for Handmadeology's Social Network Blitz that is a multi-part tutorial on how to get the most of these sites. Sweet!

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Hand Me Down Designs

Pencil Case
I've been using Facebook for a while () but didn't seem to get too much traffic from it, although I've only recently started learning how to use social networking properly.

Recently I've added Twitter, Kaboodle, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.  Since I've started using these others faithfully, the number of visits to my shop has increased dramatically, but, sadly, sales haven't really increased. I am getting a lot more hearts/likes, etc, and am ending up in more treasuries, though, so the lack of sales may be more from other reasons.

I also have a blog at but am not as good at keeping up on it as I should. I'm working on that.

I find that it's very time consuming to do the work needed to get my name out there, but I guess it's necessary if I want to sell my products online. I'm still really new to all this and to the crafting business in general, so I guess I'm doing alright, considering. I know that Google finds me much easier that it did a couple of months back, so I guess that's good.
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Pitter Patter Tutus

Rainbow Fairy Wings
I use Facebook and twitter but I'm not so sure it's led to sales or followers in my case. I've really only been focused on the etsy site seriously for the last 4 months though. I'm finally committing to renewing listing 2 - 3 times a day and posting something in each social venue at least once a day. 

I do believe it's important to create an online presence and let people know more about you than your work, that way your attracting like-minded customers. I think my online presence does that. (I even teach a class through my day job about being interesting online without becoming spam!)

My Meow May has received a few retweets which is great, and friends and customers follow me through Facebook. I get pms for orders through Facebook from folks who are scared of online purchasing. Also, I link new listings in both places (strategically so as not to become SPAM!) and it up the number of views to each item.
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ReMaine Wicked

Reusable, Recycled Baby Wipes
I use facebook and twitter. I don't know if twitter helps or not. I do get a new follower or 2 a day, but I don't think I've made any sales from it. I may have gotten a few more views, but I don't know how to tell if they actually came from twitter. Facebook, on the other hand- I've definately made some sales and gotten views. When I make a new item, I alert both venues and have actually gotten comments and some custom orders from friends and friends of friends. I think the main difference is on facebook you can show pictures of what has been created.
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