Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt featuring Etsy Maine Teamers

Who doesn't love fun contests that give you a chance to win awesome prizes?  Well 16 Maine teamers chose to participate in a challenging, holiday-inspired contest that offers participants a chance to win a prize basket full of lovely handmade items all from Mainers!

The Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt started on Sunday, April 3rd and continues until Saturday, April 9th.  Scavengers are to find all of the easter eggs hidden in the 16 Maine team shops and then unscramble to letters into a phrase that answers the question: What is Maine's unofficial state motto?  All participants that answer the questions correctly earn a chance to win a prize basket filled with 14 items INLCUDING the basket they are held in! 

Want to find other fabulous handmade items from the great state of Maine?  Be sure to search "maineteam" on your next tour of Etsy!