Workspaces: Flawed Designs

This week, our featured Maine Team workspace comes from Hannah Gartley of Flawed. Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your space with us!


This is my first crafting nook. I am so excited to share photo's of it with you. Even though my jewelry is the only thing that's made it out into the world, my nook also holds supplies for all my other hobbies. Photography, Knitting, Painting and Sewing.

The first photo is my project wall. It's how I keep tract of whats for sale. The top two rows are on my etsy and the bottom row is my "works in progress" row. Pieces in all stages, from just an idea to finished just needing to be photographed and put online. I always feel so accomplished when I look at that wall.

Next is my desk, inherited from my grandparents, makes a wonderful universal work station. I also have a gift wrapping and packaging station, which I will photograph for you in the near future.

An inside view. I'm never going to be a very organized person. But I have found a system that works for me. It's not complete chaos but it gets close sometimes.

And lastly, my tackle box stack. I can find almost anything I'd ever need in these little compartments. I'm always discovering new thing's I never knew I owned. It's very fun to paw through when I feel like wasting a little time. It doesn't take long before I'm inspired.