Work Spaces: See Soul Designs

Our first installment of Maine Team work spaces comes from Kristina at See Soul Designs. Kristina graciously shared her images and thoughts about her work space.

My company is See Soul Designs. I make jewelry and accessories, as well as bags and various art. My space needed to fit all my many interests without getting too overwhelmed. I found the best solution for me was to divide my corners or areas according to craft theme. I have a desk and workspace for my jewelry, then I have a seperate space on the other side of the room for my sewing projects, and another corner and shelf for my painting. It has worked better for me this way, instead of unloading a bunch of things from all over the room onto a table, I can go to a designated area where all the supplies for that type of project are at arms reach and can be left to finish another day if need be, without having to move it for say a sewing project instead, or have all the things left out on the table and creating confusion.

I also try to pack the space on the walls or little empty spaces on shelves with all my little favorite things. Surrounding myself with these not only just makes me happy but it provides inspiration for my projects. If I see a beautiful picture of a cherry blossom in a magazine for example, I might tack it to my cork board, or if I find a beautiful antique ornament, I might hang it on the wall for inspiration.