Team Members Meeting Sun 3/22 & Upcoming Meetings

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming Maine Team Members meeting coming up on Sun March 22nd in Brunswick from 1pm to 3:15pm. Here's the details from KellieJSK:

KellieJSK says:
Next Offical Etsy Maine Team Meeting: March 22 in Brunswick at the Morrell Meeting Room in the Curtis Memorial Library.

Please arrive at 1:00pm for coffee, tea, and chat. If you would like to bring a yummy snack to share with your Maine Team pals that would be terrific.

Bring some of your creative work so we can ooo and ahhh over your talent! This is also a great time to figure out some in-person trades.

The meeting with agenda will start at 1:30. We will need to leave by 3:15 as the library closes at 4:00.

We also will be “passing the hat” for a donation to the library.
This beautiful and very popular space has been provided for free. If you can spare a couple of dollars that would be awesome. Library staff member Michael Heath jumped through a few hoops to get us in and I would love to see a donation from the Etsy Maine Team as a thank you.

Here are the directions:
And remember…for parking, Hannaford is a few buildings away from the meeting room and is a very easy stroll up the block. A great back-up plan for those of us who refuse to parallel park!

And for Maine Team meetings coming up:
We like to schedule official meetings once a month, starting in March and ending with the last in November, due to weather concerns. Let’s start planning who can volunteer to take a month! What better way to get a meeting in your area than by booking it near you….and know you have done a great thing for the Etsy Maine Team!

Due to our last rather interesting meeting at a certain buffet, we suggest checking community centers, libraries, churches and any space you may have a connection to that would allow for a large meeting free of charge. We will create a list to post in the threads of volunteers, the months they have chosen, and the months that are available.

Volunteers to Organize Team Meetings:
March: KellieJSK (Location: Brunswick)
April: ( )
May: ( )
June: Knitster23 (Location: Vienna)
July: ( )
August: ( )
September: ( )
October: ( )
November: ( )

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