Winter Resolutions

I'm a Mainer. Born and raised in this Pine Tree state I was. As were my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great- grandparents, and so on. Naturally, one would assume that I was born with an inherited love of all things chilly, white, and wintry. But, alas, I'm a reluctant lover of winter.

I abhor shoveling. I dread looking at the thermometer. I detest frosty mornings. I daydream about warmer climates. To resolve this genetic flaw of mine (or, at the very least, attempt to embrace winter's wonders), I've committed this winter of 2009 to be my "Be a Better Mainer in Winter Because It's Not Going Away Any Time Soon" project.

To help in this transformation of mine, I have found a few useful items from fellow Maine Team members (who most likely LOVE winter).

Drink more hot tea (especially tea that warms the soul...ginger perhaps?) This teapot from Clay Patties is the perfect vessel for such late afternoon brews!

Warm socks! Just the thing I'll need before strapping on my boots and heading out for a wintry hike. This knitting set from Maine Woods Yarn provides the added bonus of pride..."Look Ma, I knitted them myself!"

Scarves! Keep the cold from wiggling its way around your neck and down your coat. Becky Rose's vibrant scarf will keep me looking fashionably warm!

I really love neck warmers. Cousin to the scarf, warmers provide warmth without the bulk. Fuzzy Bunny Knits' neck warmer sparkles in blues and white. And check out those funky buttons!

To deliever that hot ginger tea to my tummy, this supersized mug from Dirt Girl Pottery will serve me well.

Start playing outside my daughter!!! This cute hat/warmer set from Coco and Milkweed is exactly what my girl will need when we make snow angels!

Instead looking like I'm hitting the slopes when I go out for a night on the town, I'll happily trade in my puffy parka for this stunning wrap from Cinderlla Lollipop. Warm, snuggly, and fashion forward to boot.

There, take that winter! Watch out, this Mainer is ready for ya!