Love is in the Air in Maine!

Heart map by silentlanguages

Here in Maine, especially in the Winter, you need a bit of love to keep you warm. The etsy Maine teamers have gathered their hearts, red items, and products that display affection to humans, big and small, and our little furry friends. All of our items of love can be found in our Etsy Romanance in Maine Forum Post. After checking out everyone's unique creations, I thought I would highlight a few from our collections.

For the tea lover in your life, friend, boyfriend, or wife, this is a perfect gift. This is an encaustic painting by Jamie Ribisi, and it featured actual tea leaves! The red and pink hues warm me right up, and make me want to curl up with my husband-to-be with a cup of something warm!

Quenchmetalworks has a super lovely pendant with a gold key...the perfect way to tell your sweetheart that she has the key to your heart, and that you'll take good care of her heart. The hearts are 18K gold, and the other golden part about this necklace is that shipping is free!

Another necklace option comes from Karhumoon's shop. "Love and Garnets" features lovely pink and red stones, with the Chinese symbol for love. Would look perfect on your darling on your special Valentine's date!

Something I wish came in my size, but is perfect for your tiny valentine, is Worthygood's aviator hat! This is just an example of many bomber and aviator hats for little ones on her site, and will keep your little girl or boy warm during these cold winter months! All hats can be custom made, depending on your childs age, up to 8 years old!

Moondogfarm has a cabin fever sale going on in her shop -- from now until Valentine's Day, $5 has been taken off the price of every hat and bag! But besides hats and bags, she also has unique one of a kind felted hearts in her shop. It's perfect for a small token of affection to your male or female sweetheart, or your child. It's also a good small gift to give to someone you admire.