We joined the farmers on Saturday...


Becky of Dirt Girl Pottery and myself, Jodie of Fuzzy Bunny Knits & Jesse Janes, trotted off to Windham this past Saturday to join the farmers at the Lake Region Farmers Market in Windham, Maine. They have added a new section called Artisan Lane, featuring artisans in several different modalities.

Becky set up her pottery and I set up a table with my scrabble tile pendants and knitting patterns. We both did quite well with sales considering that most market goers were not aware that we were going to be there, because it was their first Artisan day.

Becky will be attending again on June 28th, however I will be in Portland having my pendants juried for the new Center for Maine Craft opening in Gardiner, Maine in November 2008.

Joining us in Artisan Lane was Jessica of Baubles, Bags 'n Things. Jess sells beautiful bags sewn from fabric placemats - they're gorgeous!

Artisan Lane also has a photographer, wood turner and basket weaver.

It was warm that day & thankfully we were under a tent. I do suggest that any show you plan to be doing this summer, make sure you have some very necessary items with you : bug spray, sunscreen, hat, water, food and comfortable seating. Also, be prepared with a money pouch or box with starting change money. I usually suggest a bundle of ones, a few fives and a couple of tens. Signage is good so that people can tell right away what you are selling and also a very attractive display will bring a lot more people to your booth or table. TIP: Be friendly & outgoing! Smile and say hello. Don't hover over people or try to tell them about everything in your shop. Let them look and answer questions if they ask.

Most of all -- have fun!