Meet Your Neighbor - Roxy Bittues (aka RoxyJewelry & GigglingGnome)

Welcome to the first installment of "Meet Your Neighbor"! Maine is a big stretch of land and sometimes it's hard for us to all meet each other in person. This series of interviews will hopefully serve as a way for us to meet each other and for the public to meet us.

What is your shop name & URL, real name, and what do you sell?
Roxy Bittues

Roxy Jewelry - jewelry and accessories
Giggling Gnome - papercrafts

Where do you live? Tell us a about your town
I live in Winthrop, a half mile back in the woods on an unmaintained road that is a snowmobile trail in the winter. My husband and I have built our house while living in it and all out of pocket. It is super insulated to be energy efficient and is solar powered. It might not look like much, but it's paid for! We love the privacy and self sufficiency of living there.

Tell us about your family & pets.
I live with my husband and 16 year old step-daughter in our off-grid house with our black lab Kali and two cats, Tooka and Grampa (yeah, Grampa's old).

How long have you been making your craft & what got you into it?
I stumbled into jewelry making last Christmas. It started when my step-daughter gave me a kid’s wire wrapped jewelry kit that she had never used and didn't plan to. One day I was bored, picked it up and wire wrapped some sea glass, then I figured, I should make these into earrings, so off to the bead store I went in search of some earwires, and I ended up walking out of the store with much much more. That night I made about a dozen pairs of earrings. Once I showed them to people they encouraged me to try to sell them in the break room at my work. I did, and people actually bought them and I haven't stopped since.

Tell us about the awesome craftspeople that you've met around Maine-- have you collaborated or met with any Maine Team members?
At the first Etsy Maine Team meeting in Portland I met SuzeesJubileez, FuzzyBunnyKnits, and Linda Layden. I also was contacted by JamieRibisi to get together for lunch since we lived in the same general area and then followed that with a dinner/craft night at her future bed and breakfast Sweetland Retreat with her husband and sister whom she collaborates with on ConstantGalore. These team members were all great to talk with about our different successes and marketing strategies. I learned a lot of great little tips from them. We have so many warm friendly people here in Maine and an awesome team of shop owners!

What are your plans for the future?
I am in the process of opening another Etsy shop Giggling Gnome where I'll sell papercrafts made from recycled unwanted picture books, calendars, wrapping paper, wallpaper, greeting cards, etc. I also hope to do a few craft shows this year. Check my blog for updates on my future endeavors

If you have any ideas for improvement or if you'd like ot be featured please contact Jamie at jamieribisi {at}