TGIF: An introduction, and some favorites to share

Hi all!

I'm Caroline, and I'm EtsyMaineTeam's Friday blogger (at least until we get more team members involved... hint hint! C'mon folks, blogging is fun, I promise! :))

A brief introduction: I'm a northern Maine native, photographer, graphic artist, Web geek, programmer... so you take a little from here and a little from there, and voila! That's me. I particularly enjoy visual arts, like painting, photography, and illustration, and so I hope to bring some attention to that end of the Etsy spectrum in my posts here!

One of the EtsyMaineTeam artists whose work I am particularly taken with is Linda Layden, a scrimshaw artist. Scrimshaw really involves visual art AND craft, and Linda does it superbly! Just look at the detail in this beautiful bone box.

I also had the pleasure of meeting my good friend and very talented painter Jamie Ribisi and her husband Brian at our last meet-up. I was so happy to trade a print for one of her beautiful abstract giclee prints. Her use of color is amazing. Some day I will own an original painting!

I also met Jamie's sister, Joy, of Good Girl Photography. I absolutely love her unique Polaroid transfers, with their rustic, natural colors and tones. I particularly like "Town Pump Tavern."

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